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NEC to Host a Ceremony to Mark the 12th Voter's Day

Date :05/10/2023Read : 57

The National Election Commission (NEC) of the Republic of Korea on May 10 hosted a ceremony to mark the 12th Voter’s Day at the NEC Secretariat Office in Gwacheon.


Voter's Day is a legal anniversary established to commemorate the elections for the Constitutional Assembly held on May 10, 1948, which was the starting point of democracy in Korea, and to contribute to the development of democracy by reflecting on the importance of elections and voting participation. More than 270 people attended the ceremony, including the Chairperson of the NEC of the Republic of Korea, Rho Tae-ak, those who have contributed to the development of election culture and their families, voter groups, and former and current commissioners and employees of the commission.


Chairperson Rho expressed his respect in his commemorative speech stating "Democracy of Korea could continue to stably develop despite its short history, and be recognized as a 'full democracy' thanks to the precious participation and sacrifice of voters." However, the Chairperson highlighted that efforts to resolve conflicts and reach social consensus through dialogue and compromise are needed for sustainable democracy as there are concerns about the democratic crisis due to extreme conflicts induced by the creation and rapid spread of inaccurate information and bias.


In addition, emphasizing that "election is a promise for a better future," Chairperson Rho asked voters to take an interest in elections and politics and create the history and future of the Republic of Korea together.

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