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Voters List

  • Preparation of the Voters List

    Whenever an election is held, the head of the relevant Gu/Si/Gun prepares a voters lists for each precinct based on the resident register (Korean citizens) and register for domestic residence (non-Korean citizens, only used in local elections) as a computerized database.
    Every voter may freely check the voters list (if viewed online, the voter can only view information related to theirselves). Voters may request a correction upon finding an omitted or misspelled entry on the voters list by filing an objection or an appeal. When a legitimate voter is found to be omitted on the voters list, they may request that the competent Gu/Si/Gun election commission to include the omitted person on the list.

  • Preparation of the Absentee Voters List

    When a domestic resident (excluding foreigners) who is entitled to cast a vote is unable to go to the polling station on the election day (including patients and the physically challenged), he/she may make an absentee report in writing during the electoral register preparation period. Then, he/she can cast a ballot at polling stations for absentee voters or at his/her residence.

  • Issueing Copies

    Candidates are allowed to use copies of the voters list, absentee voters list or copied files of the computerized data for their election affairs or campaigns, as they receive those from the authority which draws up the electoral register.