Status and History

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Status and History

  • Status
    • Independent Constitutional Agency

      In accordance with Article 114 of the Constitution, the Election Commission was established as an independent constitutional agency compatible with the National Assembly, the government, courts and the Constitutional Court of Korea for the purpose of managing elections and national referendums fairly and dealing with administrative affairs concerning political parties and political funds.
      The National Election Commission (NEC) was established based on the self-examination of the illegal election held on March 15, 1960 and became a constitutional agency following the enactment of the Fifth Constitutional Amendment during the Third Republic of Korea. The term and status of each Election Commissioner is strictly guaranteed as prescribed by the Constitution and Act to ensure fair execution of duties without any external interference or being affected.

    • Guaranteeing the Impartiality

      The Election Commission is a representative organization composed of members endorsed by the National Assembly or the court and neutral individuals known for their high academic and ethical standards such as justices of the court, lawyers or educators. The commissioners shall not join a political party or participate in politics to remain impartial.

  • History
    • 1987~1993 Regulation of Illegal Election Campaigns

      As a direct presidential election system was introduced since the 13th Presidential Election and democracy was developed, freedom of election campaign increased followed by illegal activities and evasions of the law becoming prevalent. As a result, the Election Commissions started to strictly crackdown and regulate election law violations to ensure fairness in elections through competition and obtained public trust. The Election Commissions continuously strengthened enforcement actions to oversee all illegal election campaigns by expanding the scope of their authority to impose an order to stop and correct all violations. In 1987, internal regulations were established to ensure the Election Commissions' authority to enact regulations. In 1992, the status of the Secretariat was elevated from the Vice-Minister level to the State Minister level to best comply with its purposes and roles.