Campaign Expense

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Campaign Expense

  • Campaign Expense Limit

    The election commissions announce the campaign expense limit, as setting the upper limit as the total amount based on a population and other data at every election.

  • Income and Expenditure of Campaign Expense

    Political parties and candidates should report an accountant in charge of income and expenditure of campaign expense and bank account to election commissions, when applying for the candidate registration (or report of establishment of political party's election office)

    An accountant in charge should manage income and expenditure through reported bank account; write all the details on the book; and manage and keep documentary evidence including receipts.

  • Report, Public Inspection, and Open of Income and Expenditure

    An accountant in charge should make a report on income and expenditure of campaign expense to election commissions by 30 days after the election day.

    Reports are open to the public for public inspection and a request for issuance of copies is allowed for 3 months in order to boost transparency of campaign expense. When an objection is raised, materials for explanation should be submitted.

  • Investigation on Income and Expenditure of Campaign Expense & Actions

    Election commissions investigate a person concerned or request for submission of materials: if necessary, financial transaction records can be requested to submit.

    When written false information, illegal or excessive expenditure, and other unlawful acts are found after examination and investigation, necessary actions including accusation and request for investigation are being taken.

  • Reimbursement of Campaign Expense
    • Reason of Reimbursement

      In order to leveling the playing field for candidates to campaign; to reduce campaign expenses; and to hold a fair election, the public management system of election has been adopted, as the government and local governments cover campaign expenses.

    • Requirement of Reimbursement

      It is the same as the requirement of return of candidates' deposit.

    • Restriction on Reimbursement

      All the expenses that candidates use for their election campaigns are the subject of reimbursement. However, some expenses including preliminary candidates' election expenses and unreported expenses are excluded.

      In addition, when candidates fail to submit a report on income and expenditure of campaign expenses, all the campaign expenses shall not be reimbursed.
      When candidates are convicted of election law violations or spend more money than the campaign expense limit, the amount equivalent to two times the illegal expenses or excessive expenditure shall not be reimbursed.