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Chairperson's Message

Welcome to the website of the National Election Commission

Welcome to the website of the National Election Commission

The National Election Commission (NEC) was established in 1963 and is empowered by the constitution to fairly manage elections and national referendums and affairs relating to political parties. The NEC has since then expanded its responsibilities to manage local elections, residents' referendums, recall votes and entrusted elections as well as political funds and enhance civic awareness on democracy through education.

As a cradle of democracy, the NEC holds on to strict impartiality and fair management to reflect the will of people through elections. The NEC has also made strenuous efforts to make election a festivity that people actively participate in.

This website is an inter-active space for communication with the entire nation in pursuit of clean and fair elections.

In addition, it is an open space that provides various useful materials regarding elections and political parties and funds and reflects public opinions on electoral administration.

I hope this open space for communication will be helpful and will serve as a source of advancing democratic elections.

The NEC, as a servant of the nation, will continuously put its efforts into engaging with the public based on their trust.

Chairperson - Noh Jeong-hee