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New Year's Address by Noh Jeong-hee, the Chairperson of the NEC

Date :01/14/2022Read : 145

As the Year of Tiger begins with the great spirit of brevity, the Chairperson of the National Election Commission Noh Jeong-hee delivered a New Year’s message to citizens by video.





She emphasized a few points as below:





▣ Fair and transparent management of the 20th presidential election and the 8th nationwide simultaneous local elections according to law and principle


▣ Competition in sincere manner for the candidates and judgement by a thorough examination of the policies and visions for the voters


▣ Guaranteeing freedom of political expressions and the right to vote for the underprivileged





The extract from her speech can be found on the Press Release section on our English website.


Press Releases
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