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NEC Holds the 22nd National Assembly Election Advisory Committee

Date :02/22/2024Read : 249

NEC Holds the 22nd National Assembly Election Advisory Committee

Discussion on ways to improve public trust in election management and countermeasures against illege activities such as AI Deepfake Videos

The National Election Commission held an Election Advisory Committee meeting for the successful management of the 22nd National Assembly election at the Westin Chosun Hotel in Seoul at 10:00amn on Wednesday, February 21st.

The Election Advisory Committee is an advisory body of the National Election Commission, consisting of 33 experts from various fields, including the media, academia, legal circles, public relations, and civic groups, for fair election management and advancement of the election system.

The meeting agenda was the ‘22nd National Assembly Election Management Measures’ and discussed pending issues presided over by National Election Commission Chairperson Rho Tae-ak.

In particular, at the meeting on this day, for fair and transparent election management trusted by all citizens, intensive discussions were held on measures 1) to enhance public trust in election management; 2) to respond to illegal acts such as AI deepfake videos; and 3) to improve objectivity and reliability of election opinion polls.

The main contents of the countermeasures for trustworthy and fair election management included: 1) addition of check mark procedures in the vote counting process; 2) change of notation format such as serial numbers on advance ballots to 1-dimensional barcodes; and 3) polling and vote counting management such as constant disclosure of CCTV of storage locations such as advance ballot boxes, to trengthen the transparency and reliability of election management by establishing a plan to improve procedures.


In addition, in order to respond to advanced cyber election crimes, effective recognition of AI content such as deepfake videos is key to respond to malicious production and distribution, as well as activation of reporting. In order to effectively recognize and identify AI content, the National Election Commission has been expanding and operating AI monitoring agents and AI identification teams since January 11.

In order to secure the objectivity and reliability of election opinion polls, the National Election Survey Deliberation Committee (NESDC) strengthened the registration standards for election opinion polling organizations, such as increasing the minimum number of analysis experts and full-time employees, upward-adjusting annual sales by 100 million won, and revising election opinion poll standards. In accordance with the strengthened standards, the NESDC is strengthening management and supervision through inspection of the actual status of election opinion polling institutions, and is taking prompt and severe action against serious illegal acts such as distortion and manipulation of election opinion polls.

The National Election Commission plans to actively reflect the opinions expressed at this meeting in future election management and system improvement.

In his opening remarks, Chairman Rho Tae-ak of the National Election Commission said, “I hope that the advisory meeting held today will be a starting point for the successful management of this National Assembly election,” and added, “We will strive to usher in a turning point of integration and harmony where all citizens become one through accurate and transparent election management.” “We will do our best,” he emphasized.


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