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Overseas Absentees to Start Reporting from October 10 for the 20th Presidential Election

Date :10/21/2021Read : 124

= Reporting to be allowed through the NEC’s homepage website till January 8, 2022

The National Election Commission (NEC) of the Republic of Korea announced that the overseas absentees who expect to vote abroad for the 20th presidential election are required to report separately between October 10 in 2021 and January 8 in 2022.


Overseas absentees include students who study abroad, workers stationed abroad, and travellers, etc. who are on the resident registration list in Korea. The reporting can be done by visiting diplomatic missions or mobile offices, by post or e-mails, or through the NEC’s homepage website. Especially with the homepage website, it can be done in an easy and simple way without visiting the diplomatic missions to submit the relevant documents separately.


In addition, the overseas voters who are Korean citizen, but neither on the resident registration list in Korea nor on the overseas voters list must register as an overseas voter through the NEC’s homepage website by January 8, 2022.


The overseas voting period is from February 23 to 28, 2022. According to circumstances of each host country, the voting period of each diplomatic mission may be different, so the operation period of the overseas polling stations needs to be checked in advance through the homepage of the NEC or the Ministry of Foreign affairs.


In case one who has already reported as an overseas absentee returns to Korea before the start day of the overseas voting period (February 23, 2022), he/she can vote on the election day (March 9, 2022) at the polling stations within the jurisdiction of a voter’s address; the voting can be done after submitting the registration form of the ‘voting upon returning to Korea’ attached with the documentations to verify the fact of having returned to Korea.


As the overseas voting schedule for the 20th presidential election begins in a full scale, the NEC said that it will do its utmost to increase the turnout of overseas voting, and asked for positive interests and participation from the overseas Koreans.

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