Who We Are

The NEC was established in 1963 as an independent constitutional body alongside the National Assembly, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court.

What We Do

The main tasks of the NEC are managing elections for public office and affairs related to political parties and political funds.

However, the NEC now has several other important responsibilities. Firstly, the NEC undertakes civic education in Korea, which is done through the Korean Civic Education Institute for Democracy (KOCEI). Secondly, the NEC heads the Boundary Delimitation Commission's set up before elections to decide constituency boundaries. Lastly, the NEC also manages elections entrusted to it by public or private organizations and political parties.

How We Are Structured

The NEC has nine Commissioners. Three are chosen by the President, three are chosen by the National Assembly, and three are chosen the Supreme Court. Customarily, one of the Commissioners chosen by the Supreme Court is also a Supreme Court judge, and is elected as Chairperson. The Commissioners are supported by a Secretariat, which is headed by a Secretary General.

The NEC is also the highest level of a four-tiered regional structure that matches the local government structure in Korea. The three levels below the NEC are:

- Si/Do Election Commissions
- Gu/Si/Gun Election Commissions
- Eup/Myeon/Dong Election Commissions