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NEC Confirms 14,330 Polling Stations to be Set Up, Voting Information and Election Material Sent to Each Household

Date :Apr/08/2020Read : 209

= Polling station locations can be checked in various ways, including in the voting information, NEC homepage and on portal sites =

The National Election Commission (NEC) of the Republic of Korea confirmed 14,330 polling stations will be set up for the 21st National Assembly election. It also said that each household was sent voting information and the relevant candidate and political party election material, and the 100,529 registered home voters were also sent their home voting ballot papers. 

The NEC also sent election material to 254,100 soldiers and police officials who could not receive the election material sent to their household because they are staying in a compound or with their unit, and therefore applied to the NEC to have material sent to them directly. 

14,330 Polling Stations Nationwide, Every Effort to Increase Voters' Accessibility to Polling Stations

In order to enhance voters' accessibility to polling stations, the NEC will install 14,201 (99.1%) of the 14,330 polling stations on the first floor or at locations where elevators are installed. However, the NEC also announced that the location of some polling stations were unavoidably changed due to unforeseen reasons such as the location being designated as a COVID-19 screening center.

If the polling station location has changed since the 7th Nationwide Simultaneous Local Elections, a notice will be posted at the entrance of the previous polling station to actively guide the voters to the location of the changed polling station.

To make it easier for voters to check their polling station locations there is a ‘Find My Polling Station" service on the NEC website ( and portal sites (Naver, Daum) that will open on April 6. A voter can check their polling station and view a map by accessing the "Find My Polling Station" service and entering their name and date of birth.

Voters Encouraged to Check Voting Information and Election Materials to Each Household

Voters can check information such as candidates' political opinions, pledges, property, military service, tax payments and arrears and criminal records in the election material. Voting information includes the voter's name, registration number on the electoral register, and information on how to participate in early voting and voting on election day (voting time, location etc).

The NEC also said that it has sent election material of 20 political parties out of the 35 parties that registered candidates in elections for proportional representation members of the National Assembly, including eight parties that submitted material only to certain regions.  

Information on candidates can also be found on the NEC’s website ( and the election pledges and policies site ( 

The NEC urged the public to carefully examine the election material, check the location of their polling station through the voting information or on the internet, and all participate in voting. 

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